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Got Termites?


If your house has never had a preventive treatment the answer is Yes,  you probably have termites. There are two types of homeowners in Austin Texas, those homeowners that have termites and those that are going to have termites.

If I have termites in my yard, fence or shed, do I have them in the house?

Preventive Care is Key

If you have never had a preventive treatment it is likely possible that you have termites in your home.  Termites only need 1/32” crack in your slab to enter into your home, invade a wall through the sill plate or interior wall.  Termites are hard to find because of their own residential needs. Termites need a moist environment and hide in walls behind plumbing fixtures concealed by drywall. Because of this, they can go unnoticed for a long period of time.

Hidden Termites

Most people find out they have termites during a remodel when the walls are opened up. The discovery of this damage during a remodel can crush a remodel budget with the added cost to repair termite damage – damage that is also not covered by insurance! Some homeowners find out they have termites, or conditions conducive to termites during the selling or buying process of a real estate transaction, which can delay and possibly break a deal.

Be a conscientious owner and have your home treated with a non barrier chemical treatment from a Termidor certified applicator.

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