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Termite Infestation


An Infestation Can Lower Your Home Value

Is your home infested with termites? You’re not alone, as each year – according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture; termites contaminate about 600,000 homes across the country. This not only lowers the home resale value but costs homeowners over billions of dollars in termite inspection and pest control treatment.
Before putting your home up for sale, it’s important to get a termite inspection. This is important as every homeowner needs to know whether there is a termite infestation and ensure the buyer doesn’t feel misled if there is any hidden infestation.Getting an inspection done can prove to the buyer that there have been no recent termite infestations in your home.
However, if you have had an infestation in your home in the past, it is highly recommended for you to disclose that report to the prospective buyer, for the sake of full disclosure. This ensures the sale is ethical, and the honesty can go a long way in earning their trust.

Termites aren't the only organisms that destroy homes. Damage from Wood Destroying Organisms, such as fungi or Carpenter Bees, can be discovered during an inspection.

We look for the tell-tale signs of infestation, such as:

  • Piles of Small Wings
  • Mud Tubes Built for Traveling Above Ground
  • Pinholes in Drywall or Wallpaper
  • Damaged or Hollow-Sounding Wood
  • Small Piles of Sawdust
  • Other Specific Termite Indicators

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Prevention is Better than Cure

This old adage is highly relevant when it comes to maintaining your home. By getting the whole house treated for subterranean termites, you not only prevent your home from expensive damage, but also retain its value.
Homes in Central Texas are highly susceptible to termite damage, but by engaging in preventative measures and being proactive, you can keep the value of your home at its peak level. Even if you are not actively looking to sell your home, taking preventive measures will help you keep termites from damaging your walls, furniture, and other structures of your home.
You cannot assume that your home is free from termite just because you’ve never seen them. Termites only swarm once or twice each year, and you might miss it!

Huckleberry Termite Services provides swift, thorough inspections. Protect your home with just one treatment. Huckleberry only uses Termidor, the best in termite defense.




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