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Termites are everywhere in Austin, Texas


In fact, termites are all around your property.

A study by Texas A&M reveals that several different termite colonies can be found throughout one residential lot, both inside and outside the home. In the study, samples taken from throughout the property found DNA from 28 different termite colonies (see sample photo below). Less expensive, spot treatments might only treat suspected termite locations, but imagine only doing a spot treatment to a house where there are 20+ additional colonies still active and working away. For a long-lasting solution, it’s best to treat the whole house rather than spot treat.

Termite Colony Distribution

Why Spot Treatments Come up Short

The Texas Department of Agriculture allows Commercial Pesticide Applicators to do a spot treatment or a perimeter treatment.  Spot treatments protect your home from termites in that spot and do not cost a lot of money, however this leaves the remainder of your property vulnerable and not protected. I compare it to spot protecting your children.  It’s like unbundling your MMR immunizations by only asking for the Measles part and not the mumps or Rubella virus parts in an effort to save money. If you would not skimp on your child’s immunizations, why skimp on protecting the most valuable investment of your life?

Termidor Advantage

Termidor’s active ingredient Fipronil, combined with my comprehensive treatment process, gives your home the best protection available. Fipronil is the primary ingredient in veterinary pest control products like Frontline, and it’s one of the leading chemicals used for termite treatment today. Termidor effectiveness comes from the transfer effect. Termites cruise through the chemical, pick it up and take it back to the colony and kill the entire colony.

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